How Can Smart Home Security Systems Protect Your Home?

How Smart Home Security Systems Can Keep Your Home Safe in San Diego, CA

If you have heard about smart home automation systems, there is a good chance your National City homeowners insurance agent will ask you about the advanced devices you have installed in your home the next time you sit down to discuss coverage. There is also a good chance your insurance agent will let you know about policy discounts you will receive thanks to smart home automation.

Whereas most companies see technology as a way to reduce costs, the insurance industry welcomes smart home automation as a way to pass savings on to their clients. Smart home devices range from refrigerators that let you know when you’ve run out of milk to electronic locks that open the door with your fingerprints. The most popular smart home devices are designed to keep your home safe, which is why insurance companies like them so much. Here’s a look at some of the devices that can keep your home safe and your insurance premiums affordable.

Smart Alarms

Modern alarm systems no longer require a complex installation to keep them connected to a monitoring center. All you need is the right devices and sensors connected to a wireless network. The best installations are part of a smart home security system. Smart alarms activate and send smartphone notifications whenever a sensor detects a safety or security issue. A smoke or heat sensor may indicate a fire, while a window sensor may indicate a break-in.

Smart IP Cameras

Of all smart home devices, smart IP cameras give homeowners greater peace of mind by allowing them to see what’s happening no matter where they are. Advanced cameras can be connected to motion sensors and can also be programmed to send smartphone notifications.

Smart Locks

Depending on the smart home security system you choose, smart locks may be included or offered as an option. With these devices, you never have to worry about losing your house keys since you can open the door by means of a keypad, smartphone, or fingerprint scanner. Smart locks can also be remotely activated in case you forgot to check them on your way out of the house.

Smart Thermostats

These devices were first designed with energy efficiency in mind, but homeowners quickly discovered they can also keep a home safe. Since smart thermostats allow you to remotely check your home’s temperature on your smartphone, you can determine if a rapid surge could be caused by a fire, although this should not preclude you from installing fire and heat sensors.

Smart Flood Sensors

Insurance companies love these devices, which are increasingly being included in modern washing machines. Smart water sensors can alert you of broken hoses by various means. They can be connected to the alarm system or programmed to notify you or even your neighbors. With the right installation, you can make these sensors smarter by allowing them to shut off the water main.

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