5 Instances Where It’s a Good Idea to Skip an Auto Insurance Claim

When to Skip an Auto Insurance Claim in San Diego, CA

Although your auto insurance in San Diego is there to provide financial stability when an accident happens, there are some instances when you may want to give it a second thought before filing a claim. Take a look at these situations to determine what choice you should make.

1. The Damage Will Cost Less to Fix Than the Amount of Your Deductible

While this almost seems like common sense, many people still file a claim with their insurer when the cost of repairs doesn’t even come close to the deductible amount. Not only is this a waste of your time, it places a record on your claim history for which you won’t receive any payment and will likely increase your premium at the next renewal. Skip the claim and get the repairs taken care of on your own.

2. You Can Afford to Pay for the Repairs Out of Pocket

Even when the damage to your vehicle will cost more to repair than your deductible, it makes sense to step back and ask yourself if you really need to use your insurance in this particular instance. If you can afford to pay for the repairs without getting your insurer involved, doing so could possibly save you more money in the long run by avoiding an increase in premiums due to the claim.

3. The Damage Was Caused Because You Failed to Maintain Your Vehicle

Despite the fact your insurer may pay for damages caused by your lack of vehicle maintenance, it doesn’t give you a good reputation with the agency or your claim history. If bald tires caused you to skid off the road in a rainstorm or you ran over that loose front bumper when it finally broke off, it might be in your best interest to skip a claim to avoid looking like a risky vehicle owner to your insurer.

4. The Person Driving Your Car Was Not Covered Under Your Policy

There are many situations where a driver wouldn’t be covered under an auto policy. Some policies restrict allowing others to drive your vehicle under any circumstances. If damage to your vehicle happened when an uncovered driver was at the wheel, your insurance likely won’t cover it. If the agency won’t pay for the repairs, it’s better to keep that claim off your record and shell out the cash on your own.

5. The Accident Happened on Private Property

In most jurisdictions, a car accident that happens on private property will not involve a police report unless the damage was caused intentionally. It is difficult to prove fault in private property accidents because of the lack of credible, documented evidence. If no one was injured in the accident and no legal issues arise, it is sometimes better to pay for your own repairs instead of getting your insurance agency involved.

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