Should a Business Allow Pets at Work?

Pets at Work in San Diego, CA

Because studies have shown pets can reduce stress in the workplace, allowing employees to bring animals with them to work may seem like a good idea on the surface. From an insurance standpoint, however, it’s not as clear-cut, as pets can bring insurance risks. The insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego want to share a few reasons why allowing pets at work might not be a good idea.

Is There Risk of Personal Injury?

One of the biggest risks with allowing dogs and cats in the office is that they may bite or scratch someone. Your insurer may not look kindly on the practice for this reason. You can mitigate your liability somewhat by requiring an employee who brings a pet to have liability insurance, but that may not absolve your agency of its legal responsibility.

Is Property Damage a Possibility?

Pets in the office can potentially do damage to fixtures, furniture, and inventory. Whether it’s biting a chair or urinating on the carpet, having pets presents a risk to your property that business insurance in San Diego may not cover.

Will Any Employees Have Issues with the Decision?

Allowing pets in the workplace may seem like a positive for some employees, but it could be a huge negative for others. You might have employees who are allergic to cats or dogs or those who have been bitten in the past and now have a fear of the animals. You also might have employees who just don’t like animals and find them a nuisance. In any of those cases, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit over a hostile work environment. You also could run into a problem if you allow some pets but not others, as some employees might feel discriminated against.

Will the Landlord Be Liable?

If you are leasing your space, your landlord may face some liability if any insurance issues arise. If pets aren’t specifically addressed in your lease, you should discuss your desire to allow them with your landlord before moving forward with implementing a policy.

In addition to the insurance risks allowing pets at work can bring, there are many other insurance factors that can affect your business. Get in touch with a representative at American Tri-Star to determine the best commercial insurance solutions. Call 619-272-2100 to learn more or to receive a free quote for cheap San Diego car insurance.