Why Your Agency Should Have Business Travel Insurance

Find Out if Travel Insurance for Your Agency is Smart in San Diego, CA

If you run a business and you or your employees travel often, you may want to consider purchasing business travel insurance. Should an accident occur while out of town and on the job, there may be some ambiguity regarding workers’ compensation coverage. Having this additional insurance on hand can offer your agency and your employees extra protection.

Additional Medical Care

Getting sick is always a risk, whether at home or traveling. This extra coverage may provide additional benefits beyond standard San Diego health insurance or workers’ compensation. Medical expenses can mount quickly, especially in a foreign land, but added medical care can provide you with peace of mind when traveling on business.

Assistance with Evacuation

Evacuations can take place for many reasons, including geopolitical events and extreme weather conditions. Travel coverage can provide the funds necessary to cover the expenses related to an evacuation, which may include airfares, ground transportation, and even guide services. It is imperative to act quickly during an evacuation and this extra coverage can help ensure you reach safety as quickly as possible.

For Cases of Accidental Death or Dismemberment

If you or an employee were killed or dismembered during a business trip, business travel coverage may provide benefits above and beyond your life insurance or health care coverage. If something were to happen to you, for instance, your family would benefit from the additional coverage. If you are unable to work due to a dismemberment or injury that occurred while traveling for business purposes, the additional benefits can help you maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

The Option of 24-Hour Worldwide Assistance

When traveling for business you can enjoy the peace of mind this additional coverage brings. Your carrier can provide assistance in many areas such as health care or evacuation, around the clock and around the globe. If traveling on business and you need help in a foreign land, or even in just a different city, 24-hour access to help can mean getting out of a difficult situation faster.

Greater Flexibility

The business insurance San Diego agencies prefer can be added based on your travel schedule. For example, coverage can be provided for a period of just a few days or for several months. This added flexibility could help ensure you carry the necessary additional coverage when it matters most. It also means your agency may be able to save on costs and acquire coverage specific to its travel needs or frequency.

Ensure added safety to your business travels as well as the other facets of your life. For a no-obligation quote on affordable commercial, homeowners, health, or auto insurance San Diego residents trust, give American Tri-Star a call at 619-272-2100. One of our representatives would be happy to answer your questions.