Is An SUV Right for You?

Should I Buy An SUV in San Diego, CA

People who need extra room often need a vehicle that is an ideal fit. An SUV offers higher ground clearance, a view that stands above regular cars, and perhaps one of the strongest suits for this vehicle class, the ability to carry everything from sports gear to small furniture. However, an SUV’s larger size can bring greater responsibility and insurance risks.

The top-heaviness of SUVs makes them statistically more vulnerable to rollover accidents, which can result from being hit broadside or from driver error in an overcorrective swerve. While modern SUVs sometimes can be purchased with features that lessen these risks, such as traction control and electronic stability control, they still have a higher risk than regular cars.

If you are thinking about purchasing an SUV, consider the following:

  • Do you plan on it being a daily vehicle for your family?
  • Does the added structural weight of an SUV provide more comfort to you?
  • Since SUVs weigh more than smaller cars and therefore tend to eat more gas, what impact will fuel costs have on your budget?
  • What cargo and towing needs do you have?
  • Will you be taking extended family trips and need a large amount of room in the back of your vehicle?
  • Are you comfortable climbing up into an SUV, as opposed to stepping down into a car?

Auto manufacturers are making SUVs more fuel efficient than ever before, but you may still want to consider a wagon or minivan instead. While both are smaller, they may provide the same cargo space as an SUV. Both options give the driver a less prominent presence on the road.

San Diego auto insurance agencies often give higher policy rates for SUVs because of the measured risks that come with these large vehicles. For instance, an SUV can cause more damage if it hits another car, and a new SUV is more expensive to replace in a total loss versus a sedan. Because SUVs have bigger engines, the vehicles are also considered an insurance risk for their perceived performance capabilities and possible impacts on driving habits.

Whether you decide on an SUV or another vehicle, it’s important to have the right insurance secured. For a quote on cheap San Diego auto insurance, call American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100. One of our friendly agents would be happy to assist you.