Get Affordable Rate on Motorcycle Insurance in San Diego, CA

Low-cost motorcycle insurance policies from American Tri-Star Insurance save drivers in San Diego thousands of dollars each year. Our ability to compare rates from multiple vendors means we can offer exceptionally competitive rates to local motorcycle drivers so you’re left with no doubts about the great deal you’re getting.

What Types of Motorcycle Coverage are There?

Good question! If you’re new to the world of motorcycle insurance it can be a little overwhelming. Motorcyclists are at higher risk for an accident, but motorcycles themselves are exposed in ways cars and trucks are not. Here are a few unique aspects of motorcycle coverage you’ll want to ask about:

  • Comprehensive Coverage. Comprehensive coverage can help you pay for repairs to your own bike if it’s damaged by vandalism, falling objects, theft, or hitting an animal.
  • Custom Parts and Equipment Coverage. CPE provides additional coverage for your bike if you have custom parts. Most insurance policies include some custom parts coverage, but you can always purchase more. This also covers bike accessories like audio devices, sidecars, mower blades, and safety apparel.
  • Motorcycle Roadside Assistance. Motorcycle roadside assistance is exactly that and covers towing, fuel delivery, locksmith services, dead battery, and flat tire repair.

So, How Much Should You Pay for Motorcycle Insurance?

Quotes for affordable San Diego motorcycle insurance vary drastically.  Aside from needing to please both the insurance agency and the rider, other information often required for a quote includes whether the motorcycle is used for recreation or is the primary mode of transportation, the type of bike, whether there are custom pieces or accessories, and the rider’s driving record. Basically, there is no one-size-fits-all motorcycle insurance. The best way to find a policy that works for you to is speak with a helpful insurance agent at American Tri-Star in San Diego. Our friendly and experienced agents can go over all your options with you and ensure you’re getting a policy that protects both you and your ride.

Protect Your Investment with Motorcycle Insurance

Owning and riding a motorcycle can be exciting, but there are certain risks involved; a motorcycle accident will damage the vehicle in which you’ve invested thousands. Unfortunately, finding decent motorcycle coverage can be a lot more difficult than you might expect. Some insurance agencies are not willing to work with motorcycle owners, and other agencies will only provide coverage for a few select types of motorcycles. This makes things extra challenging for those with unique, customized, or unconventional motorcycles.

American Tri-Star Insurance can help you obtain low-cost motorcycle insurance, no matter what type of motorcycle you have. Call us today at (619) 272-2100 for a free motorcycle insurance quote.