Bond Insurance Specialists in San Diego, CA

Whether you need a title bond, construction bond, dealer bond or other variations, American Tri-Star Insurance will get you the security you need. Bonds are used in transactions or contracts to ensure all parties complete the specifications and terms of the agreement. Our expert agents provide our clients with the highest quality service to help them make the best decision.

Protection for a Variety of Investments with Bond Insurance

American Tri-Star is San Diego’s go-to agency for bond insurance. We provide protection for a variety of business needs through several different types of bond insurance.

  • California DMV Defective Title Bond (Motor Vehicle Title Bond)
    Necessary when an individual purchases a vessel legally, but the proper title or transfer of title was lost or never provided. A defective title bond will satisfy the requirement of California DMV in completing the registration or release of title. This bond protects the DMV employees and the purchaser who provides the bond. It acts as an insurance policy, which protects any lien holder or rightful owner to the vessel in the event the title is released to a party who is not a legal owner.
  • Construction Bond (Surety Bond)
    A construction bond is a financial guarantee assuring the project owner or general contractor you can fulfill their contract at the agreed price, and protects against adverse events that cause disruptions or delays in a project. The bond ensures job completion, contractual specifications, and cost of materials from suppliers and subcontractors. Construction bonds have become almost mandatory in projects of a certain size.
  • Dealer Bond (Auto Dealer Bond)
    A dealer bond is a requirement for individuals looking to get their motor vehicle dealer license. A dealer bond is a financial guarantee that their dealership will comply with industry regulations. Requirements are specific to state, and American Tri-Star Insurance is the expert on California regulations. It protects consumers from fraud and other unlawful actions done by dealerships and their employees.

American Tri-Star Insurance can find you whatever bond insurance you need to protect your investments. Call (619) 272-2100 today to learn more about your bond insurance options.