Does San Diego Have an Auto Insurance Verification Program?

Is There an Auto Insurance Verification Program in San Diego?

In San Diego, all drivers are required to follow California’s financial responsibility laws when they own a vehicle registered in the state. Years ago, drivers would take the risk of driving without insurance because the only way to get caught would be to be pulled over by law enforcement or to get into an accident. These drivers felt that as long as they obeyed traffic laws and drove defensively, they could avoid being penalized for failing to comply with the law.

Today, there are electronic verification systems used by the Department of Motor Vehicles to combat driving without auto insurance in San Diego, CA and to reduce the rates of uninsured motorists on the road. Read on, and find out how this system works in here in San Diego so that you never get penalized for driving uninsured.

What is an Electronic Auto Insurance Verification System?

Every time you register a vehicle with a San Diego Department of Motor Vehicle branch, you are required to present proof of insurance. From the moment the vehicle is registered, you are legally required to prove that you are financially responsible for the damages you can cause in the vehicle. The coverage that you carry must be continuous.

Unfortunately, people would then initially purchase insurance, and then let it cancel thinking they could get away with driving without it. As a result, the Department of Motor Vehicles has an advanced insurance verification system in place that allows the department to be notified when and insurance policy cancels or non-renews. The insurance agency will send out electronic notifications to the DMV when a policy is purchased, cancels, or reinstates.

What Happens When Your Policy is Not Active?

The DMV in San Diego takes a lapse in auto insurance coverage very seriously. If your policy cancels and another notification is not sent to the DMV letting them know that you have active insurance elsewhere, you will receive a notice in the mail stating that you must provide proof of active coverage. If you do not, your plates will be suspended and you will be charged a reinstatement fee.

As you can see, driving without insurance is not only costly when you get caught red-handed. Choosing to let your policy cancel can be expensive even when you do not expect to be penalized. Find affordable San Diego car insurance, and avoid the expensive penalties of driving without insurance.

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