Tips for Safe Driving in the Rain

Tips for Smart Driving in the Rain In San Diego, CA

Rain and poor weather conditions cause thousands of accidents each year, especially in dry weather states such as California.  San Diego in particular experiences minimal rainfall throughout the year, and when it does rain, many drivers practice unsafe driving habits either being excessively timid or completely reckless on the road.  To help minimize automobile accidents and collisions, the insurance experts at American Tri-Star Auto Insurance, offer a few tips for safe driving in the rain.

  • Be especially cautious during the first few hours of rain

    During the year, oil and other slippery substances build up on the roads.  During the first hours of rain, the combination of oil and water creates extremely slick surfaces.

  • Leave earlier

    Whether you are driving to school or work, plan accordingly for the rain.  It is most likely going to take you longer to get to your destination due to slower moving traffic and increased accidents.

  • Avoid standing water

    While not always possible to avoid, drivers are more likely to hydroplane when driving through standing water.  Water typically collects near curbs; therefore, to avoid large pools of standing water, try to stay toward the middle lane when you are driving.

  • Do not use cruise control.

    When using cruise control, you are telling your car to maintain a specific speed.  If your car hydroplanes or speeds up because it has lost traction in the rain, cruise control may confuse the acceleration as you trying to increase your set speed. The car will automatically try to spin the wheels faster, possibly making the situation worse.

  • Turn your headlights on.

    In California, state law requires drivers to turn their headlights on in the rain.  Rain reduces visibility and turning your headlights on will help you see the roads more clearly and will also help other drivers see you.

In addition to the above tips, it is also important to make sure your auto insurance is updated in case of an accident or emergency on the road.  If you are currently uninsured or looking for cheap rates for auto insurance in San Diego, American Tri-Star offers friendly, reliable service combined with competitively priced auto insurance rates in San Diego.

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