4 Driving Safety Tips for Your Winter Trip to the Mountains

Winter Driving Tips in San Diego, CA

Many people who live in San Diego County enjoy getting away for a trip to the mountains during the winter. However, the weather conditions in the mountains can be considerably more dangerous during this time of year. The Vista car insurance experts at American Tri-Star have a few tips to help you stay safe when driving on the mountain roads during the wintertime.

1. Pack a Road Survival Kit

If you plan to travel in the rain, or if it’s snowing up in the mountains, pack a survival kit for the season to ensure you don’t become stranded in a remote area. Keep a snow shovel, salt, and an ice scraper in the trunk to prevent getting stuck on the road.

2. Accelerate Slowly

You’ll need to adjust the way you drive on mountain roads during the winter season to prevent sliding on icy or wet roads. When you need to accelerate, do so slowly to get plenty of traction and prevent the tires from spinning. If you begin to slide, take your foot off the accelerator and steer in the direction of the slide to straighten the car out smoothly. You can also rely on electronic stability control on your vehicle to reduce the risk of sliding and getting into a collision.

3. Avoid Sudden Maneuvers

It can be difficult to see while driving up in the mountains, and sudden actions you perform can lead to an accident in seconds, which makes it important to keep the car balanced and avoid transferring weight from one end of the car to another. To maintain safety and keep control of your vehicle, you should also avoid suddenly shifting a manual transmission, braking hard, and making quick turns on a slippery road.

4. Don’t Lock the Wheels

Locking the wheels can cause your vehicle to skid because there is less traction between the road and the tires. Instead, gently pulse the brakes to increase your traction and prevent them from locking. If you own a vehicle with antilock brakes, depress the brake pedal and hold it down firmly, which may cause a shuddering sound that means you are gaining traction.

Whether you’re driving in the mountains in the winter or near the beach during the summer, an accident can occur at any time. Make sure you’re covered with adequate insurance in case of a collision by reaching out to Tri-Star Insurance in Vista. We are a leading provider of auto, RV, and motorcycle insurance and are happy to offer the complimentary car insurance quotes Vista residents appreciate. Call 760-758-1600 today to speak with one of our trusted agents.