The Basic Rules of Scooter Etiquette and Safety

Scooter Laws in San Diego, CA

Scooters can be a fun way to get from point A to point B, but it’s important for scooter drivers to remember to use these vehicles safely and respect some basic rules. The insurance experts at American Tri-Star San Diego have put together a list of a few things to keep in mind before you take your scooter out on the road.

Learn General Parking Rules

If you want to be a respectful scooter driver, make a point to refrain from parking on sidewalks. Obstructing the sidewalk can be hazardous to pedestrians and people on bicycles, and it is also unlawful under the California Vehicle Code section 22500.Instead, scooter drivers should park on streets, preferably in spots meant for motorcycles.

Don’t Use Your Cell Phone When Driving

Driving a scooter while using a cell phone can be risky and is against the law. If someone calls you or texts you while you’re on your scooter, wait until you’ve pulled over to respond. Distracted scooter driving can be perilous to you and other people who share the road with you.

Show Extreme Caution When in Parking Lots

Whenever possible, making an effort to park your scooter away from other vehicles in parking lots is a wise decision. It isn’t uncommon for drivers in cars to fail to see scooters. This sometimes results in cars pulling into spots where scooters are already parked and crashing into them, which can be disastrous for all involved.

Sport Bright Attire and Safety Gear

When you’re driving your scooter, you want other people to be able to easily see you. That’s why it’s always a smart and safe idea to wear reflective or brightly coloredapparel when you go for a ride. Be as visible as possible. Invest in some safety gear designed for scooter riders, such as eye protection, riding jackets, and helmets. If you fall while on your scooter, a jacket, especially one made of nylon or denim, can help preventroad rash.

To help keep yourself protected, make sure you have reliable insurance for your scooter. For quotes on cheap motorbike insurance in San Diego, call Tri-Star Insurance today at 619-272-2100. One of our knowledgeable representatives would be happy to assist you.