5 Rules to Remember When Riding in the Passenger Seat

Passanger Seat Rules in San Diego, CA

Riding shotgun comes with a few important responsibilities. Drivers often rely on passengers to be respectful as well as helpful, and there are a few rules and regulations to remember if you plan to call shotgun. The staff at American Tri-Star, a leading provider of car insurance in San Diego, shares 5 essential rules you should follow when riding in the passenger seat.

1. Don’t Change the Radio Station

Let the driver pick the tunes when you’re on the road because he or she is the one operating the vehicle. If you think the volume is too low or too loud, politely ask if you can adjust it.

2. Don’t Fall Asleep

Riding shotgun means you should keep the driver entertained as he or she drives you around town. Make it a point to stay awake to ensure the driver has someone to talk to. You’ll especially need to stay awake at night to help prevent the driver from falling asleep at the wheel.

3. Don’t Touch the Air Conditioning or Heater

If you’re going to get a ride from your friend to work or school, you’ll need to let him or her decide the temperature of the car. Avoid touching the AC or adjusting the heat. Allow the driver to decide if it needs to be cooler or warmer in the car.

4. Offer to Help

Be ready to offer your help to the driver if he or she needs assistance with directions or if he or she asks you to grab an item in the back seat. The driver is limited while operating a motor vehicle, which should prompt you to take action to prevent getting lost or in an accident.

5. Free Up the Center Armrest

It’s important to remain polite when you’re riding shotgun to show you respect the driver and aren’t looking to take control of the space. You may want to use the center armrest for added comfort in the passenger seat, but you can show you appreciate the ride by allowing the driver to use the armrest if it’s needed.

Make sure the friend or family member giving you a ride is covered with adequate auto insurance. At Tri-Star Insurance, we offer free car insurance quotes San Diego drivers love, and we also provide affordable RV and motorcycle insurance. Call 619-272-2100 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.