Daylight Savings and Road Dangers

Road Dangers Due to Daylight Savings in San Diego, CA

One aspect of Daylight Savings Time that is not always recognized is its effect on roads and driving conditions. When Daylight Savings Time ends, we lose a whole hour of daylight. Many drivers suddenly find themselves driving home from work in the dark. This is compounded by the shorter days we experience as winter approaches. As a trusted San Diego car insurance agency, we’re always looking for ways to keep local drivers safe on the road, so here are some suggestions for navigating the roads this time of year:

  • Turn Your Headlights On

    People sometimes forget that they must turn on their headlights earlier after Daylight Saving Time ends. Don’t wait until it’s completely dark to turn them on, and they should be turned on as soon as dusk approaches. Also, make sure all of your vehicle’s lights are clean and working properly.

  • Reduce Your Speed

    One of the most dangerous times of day is twilight, as visibility lessens and drivers’ eyes are not yet accustomed to the dark. After Daylight Savings Time ends, this happens very early in the afternoon, so make sure you are driving carefully. Reduce your speed and leave plenty of space between your vehicle and surrounding ones.

  • Avoid Distractions

    As with any safe driving protocol, eating, drinking beverages, talking on the phone and other distractions are dangerous, but can pose a higher risk when the days are shorter. Plus, by not taking part in dangerous activities while on the road, you may qualify for a safe driver discount, allowing you to enjoy affordable auto insurance rates in San Diego!

  • Don’t Drive When You Are Too Tired

    The dangers of driving while intoxicated are well known, but it can be just as deadly to drive when you are exhausted or sleep deprived. This danger is more pronounced when it gets dark earlier. If you find yourself dozing off behind the wheel, pull over where it’s safe and take a break.

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