Should You Ride a Motorcycle in the Rain?

Motorcycle Riding During a Rainy Day in San Diego, CA

Driving any type of vehicle can be dangerous in the rain, and riding a motorcycle is not excluded from this list. Though riding in the rain should be avoided unless necessary, San Diego motorcycle insurance experts suggest following these guidelines to stay as safe as possible on the road.

Riding in the Rain

Be careful when applying your brakes. You want to apply steady pressure, braking a little more with the rear brakes than the front. There may be times when you will want to use engine braking to keep from skidding. Use extra caution when using the clutch or throttle to avoid spinning your tires and try not to accelerate during a turn. Do your best to anticipate stops, not only yours but those of other vehicles around you. Be especially mindful of pedestrians and animals entering the roadway.

Staying Aware of Obstacles

Avoiding puddles is a good rule of thumb, especially since potholes are not always visible when they fill with water. Oil spills, manholes, metal grates on bridges, cattle crossings, and railroad crossings can also be treacherous when wet. Be sure to slow down and avoid lane changes or turns before crossing these obstacles.

Watching Out for Other Road Hazards

For the first half hour of a rain, road conditions become more dangerous due to oil deposits and dirt buildup. Watch for painted lines and other road markings that become slick when wet. Be conscious of slippery concrete surfaces, especially when entering or exiting parking lots. Whenever possible, ride in the left of your lane following the tire tracks of vehicles up ahead because water is less likely to pool there.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is not always by choice. If you get caught in the rain, don’t panic. Pay close attention to other vehicles and obstacles on the road. Ride straight up if possible and at a slower speed than normal. Stopping time is increased in wet weather, so it is a good idea to make sure your tires have good traction.

Whether you ride in the rain or not, secure the right insurance in the event of an accident. For a free quote on the motorcycle, RV, and auto insurance San Diego drivers trust, call American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100. One of our agents would be happy to assist you and answer your questions.