Replacing Your Windshield Wiper Blades

Replacing Windshield Wiper Bladesin San Diego, CA

When it comes to auto maintenance, many car owners tend to ignore their windshield wipers. If you signed up for a service contract when you purchased your car, the technicians will inspect your windshield wipers regularly and replace the blades when needed, as this is part of the maintenance schedule. However, if you handle your own car maintenance, you will want to visually inspect your windshield wipers at least once every six months if you live in a region with a mild climate such as San Diego. The staff at American Tri-Star, a trusted provider of car insurance in San Diego, offers tips on how to inspect and replace your windshield wiper blades.

Inspecting the Wiper Blades

Thankfully, inspecting and replacing your windshield wipers is an easy task that starts with lifting the wiper arm assembly and looking at the condition of the rubber material that makes up the blade. If the rubber is very sticky to the touch, this is a sign of heat and sun exposure. The blade structure should come to a solid edge at the bottom. If you notice this edge is worn out or cracked, the time has come for replacement.

Choosing the Replacement Blades

Once you have established the need for replacement, take a look at the windshield arm and mount mechanism. If the model of your vehicle is from this century, you will notice this mechanism is easy enough for anyone to handle. At this point, you have various options:

Drive to the auto parts store and detach the blades in the parking lot. Upon showing them to the store clerk, he or she may present a few options. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) option is always the safest choice. Cheaper aftermarket blades may be easier on your budget, but they may require you to return to the store sooner than expected. High-performance aftermarket blades will cost more, but they are recommended if you intend to drive outside of San Diego to other regions with more extreme weather conditions.

You may not even have to detach the old blades. Simply tell the clerk at the auto parts store the make and model of your vehicle. In many establishments, the clerks or a designated technician will kindly replace the blades for you after you complete your purchase.

If you have to replace the blades yourself, lift the wiper assembly arm at the swivel point so it rests perpendicular to the windshield. Remember how you detached the blade. You will want to reverse the process by setting the blade upside down and horizontally so you can insert the notch onto the wiper assembly hook until you hear a click.

Turn the new blades so the edge faces the windshield and lower the wiper assembly arm at the swivel point to finish the replacement. If you wish to test your new blades, be sure to dump water on the windshield first.

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