Basics of Credit Card Insurance and Car Rentals

Credit Card Insurance San Diego

Recent survey data shows that the majority of San Diegans remain confused about the car rental insurance coverage that credit cards provide. However, if you don’t currently own a vehicle or have car insurance in San Diego, knowing your credit card coverage is important if you will be traveling. Presented by American Tristar Insurance, read on for some of the basic information about credit card rental car insurance coverage.

1. Not all credit cards offer rental car insurance

While most major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, and Visa, provide at least some rental car coverage, there are exceptions, including MasterCard. Before you travel or commit to renting a car without purchasing insurance, contact your card provider to find out their coverage policy.

2. Rental car coverage varies between providers

When you select rental car insurance through a credit card provider, your coverage will usually include damages, but not injuries. Additionally, some providers may limit car rentals to a maximum of 15 or 30 days, though Discover’s business credit cards cover up to 45. Also, be aware that most credit card agencies exclude rentals in certain countries with high accident rates, like Jamaica and Israel.

3. Credit cards will only cover certain vehicles

Though it may be tempting to rent high-end vehicles when you’re on vacation, if you’re getting your rental insurance through your credit card, you may only receive coverage on more basic models. Many credit card agencies refuse to provide insurance for trucks, luxury or recreational vehicles, cargo vans, or other cars that exceed specified values.

4. Credit card coverage may be redundant

As many San Diego auto insurance agencies include rental car coverage in their policies, credit card insurance may not be necessary. Particularly since auto insurance agencies generally offer more comprehensive rental car coverage than credit card agencies, selecting this type of coverage is usually a better choice. Depending on your credit card and insurance providers, in some cases it is helpful to maximize coverage by combining credit card and auto insurance.

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