5 Renovations Homeowners Should Make Before Selling Their House

Renovations Homeowners Should do to Their House Before Selling it in San Diego, CA

If you’re selling your home and looking to get top dollar for it, it’s important to know what attracts and detracts buyers from your asking price. A few simple renovations can actually go a long way toward attracting the right buyer. The Vista homeowners insurance experts at American Tri-Star suggest 5 valuable renovations that can help you get the price you want for your home.

1. Spruce Up the Landscaping

The first thing potential buyers see is the outside of your home. Refreshed landscaping can have a major influence on a buyer’s mindset before he or she even passes through the front door, and it is one of the most economical upgrades you can do on a home.

2. Redo the Flooring

Fresh hardwood flooring has mass appeal, especially in a buyer’s market. If you have dated flooring or carpeting, consider replacing it, especially in high-traffic areas. Even repairing broken or scratched hardwood floors can have an effect on a buyer’s decision.

3. Repair or Replace Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen holds several major appliances. If they’re old and worn, it may subtract thousands of dollars off incoming offers on your home. Make sure your refrigerator, stove, and oven are in top physical and operational shape, and consider replacing them with newer models if it’s within your budget.

4. Switch Out Wallpaper for Fresh Paint

Removing wallpaper and adding a fresh coat of paint may increase the value of your home. Modern, simple color schemes can have a big impact on a buyer’s mood when walking through your home, and many buyers today prefer seeing no wallpaper at all. Be sure to remove any wallpaper and add a simple coat of paint before listing your home.

5. Change the Lighting

Adding some simple ambient lighting or track lighting can create a modern appearance to your home. This affordable tactic may even increase some of the final offers you receive from buyers. Switch all incandescent lighting to LED lighting for an even more attractive look.

After you’ve sold your home, make sure you’ve taken the time to find the right homeowners insurance for your new property. Get in touch with Tri-Star Insurance and we can help you select a policy that best suits your needs. In addition to home insurance, we also offer affordable commercial, health, RV, and car insurance Vista residents prefer. Give us a call today at 760-758-1600 and one of our qualified agents would be happy to assist you.