Are You Ready to Buy? The Costs of Motorcycle Ownership.

Motorcycle Ownership Costs

Speeding down a highway atop a sleek, new motorcycle is the dream of many. Before making this dream a reality, American Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego recommends that prospective buyers fully understand all of the costs associated with motorcycle ownership. Along with the actual cost of the motorcycle, be sure to factor in the following:

  • Motorcycle License

    Before hitting the open road, acquiring a motorcycle license is the first priority. Between classes and the cost of the actual license, a rider can drop anywhere from $250 to $500 on these necessary preparations.

  • Protective Gear

    One of the cardinal motorcycle safety rules is to wear the protective safety gear to help reduce injury in an accident. This includes a helmet, a motorcycle jacket and long pants, boots, gloves and high visibility indicators whether that’s reflectors for your bag or a vest to wear over your jacket. While gear can cost up to $1,500 depending on the brands selected, the appropriate motorcycle attire can be the difference between life and death and it is not a cost that can be skipped.

  • Maintenance

    Many riders ditch their cars in place of motorcycles because of cost savings, but this doesn’t mean that associated costs such as maintenance are non-existent.  Motorcycles actually require maintenance more frequently than cars, and all of those little costs can add up quickly. For instance, motorcycle tires should be replaced about every 6,000 miles, and cost around $600 for a quality set. The drive-chain only lasts about 15,000 miles, and replacing this crucial part costs around $250. There are other various parts that require frequent maintenance, but a good estimate is a motorcycle costs $0.11 per mile to maintain.

  • Insurance

    Insurance must be obtained and upheld once a new motorcycle is purchased. Not all insurance agencies offer motorcycle insurance in San Diego because riding a motorcycle is considered a high risk. This might mean opening up a new insurance policy entirely. Depending on your current insurance plan, premiums, and many other factors, yearly insurance payments can hit $500 and even higher in some situations.

If you have other questions about motorcycle insurance in San Diego, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced insurance representatives at American Tri-Star Insurance. We are San Diego’s trusted motorcycle insurance provider and also offer cheap auto insurance in San Diego, which means you could potentially save hundreds should you decide to bundle motorcycle and car insurance. Call us at 619-272-2100 for a free, instant quote.