Tips for Preventing Violence in the Workplace

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During the 1990s the term “going postal” entered the language after several United States Postal Service workers killed and injured fellow employees while on the job. However, this was neither the first nor the last example of violence in the workplace. Business owners and managers are still struggling to find effective solutions to this pervasive problem, and the insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance Chula Vista offer a few tips that may help.

Make Sure All Employees Feel Included in the Team

Employees who feel they have not been treated fairly at work may lose control and try to hurt their colleagues. Agencies should do their best to develop team spirit and stress a sense of community in the workplace in the same way schools teach students not to bully others. Remind each employee he or she matters as an individual and the team would not be the same without everyone’s unique differences. By instilling camaraderie and emphasizing the team aspect of the group, managers can often unearth feelings of discontent before they have the chance to erupt. However, even with training and positive social interaction you may not be able to prevent a confrontation if one of your employees is intent on committing mayhem.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Businesses can establish codes of conduct that make employees aware of what is expected of them, and managers can encourage disgruntled employees to express their dissatisfaction before a problem escalates. Holding formal and informal team meetings at regular intervals is a good way to uncover employee discontent before a tragedy occurs. Inviting employees to share their feelings may defuse their hostilities and the potential for an impulsive violent act.

Purchase Liability Insurance

Business owners are aware of the potential for injury regardless of their best efforts at training. Though having the right insurance cannot actually prevent violence in the workplace, it’s important to protect your business in case a violent event occurs. Purchasing Chula Vista liability and property insurance is your first step in protecting your agency, and you may also need business interruption insurance to compensate for a major disruption in your operations.

Workplace violence isn’t the only liability you need to protect your business against. To learn about additional reasons why your agency needs commercial insurance, reach out to American Tri-Star. Commercial insurance isn’t all we provide. We also offer health, homeowners, motorcycle, and cheap car insurance in Chula Vista. Give us a call today at 619-827-0522 and one of our friendly agents would be happy to assist you.