Deterring Crime & Preventing Commercial Burglary

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If you own a commercial building, security should remain one of your primary concerns. Taking a few extra precautions can help you protect your business’ belongings and any valuable data or proprietary information. The following are a five critical security tips, presented by insurance expert, American Tri-Star Insurance.

1. Keep a Well-Lit Exterior

Burglars often try to access business and commercial offices at night when there are no employees around and when it is difficult to see. By making sure that all points of entry remain well-lit, you may deter burglars from targeting your office. You may also consider installing motion-activated light fixtures, which can be sufficient to protect your business and can also reduce electricity costs.

2. Install an Alarm System

According to security experts, an alarm system is well-worth the extra cost. In the event that a criminal attempts to break into the building, the alarm will immediately begin to sound off. Even if the intruder is able to gain entry into the building, the alarm will likely force them to quickly vacate the premises. In some cases, installing an alarm system can even help to lower the cost of your San Diego business insurance policy.

3. Use Surveillance Cameras

Similar to alarm systems, surveillance cameras that can be seen from the outside can deter burglars from targeting your business. In the event that someone does enter your business after-hours, you will have a recording of the individual, which can help to apprehend and convict the culprit.

4. Opt for Heavy-Duty Windows and Doors

Businesses with storefronts on main streets or in popular strip malls are more prone to burglary via broken windows and doors. Consider replacing any glass that faces the street with heavy-duty materials that are designed to hold up better to hard contact.

5. Properly Secure Your Safe

It isn’t uncommon for a business to have a safe, whether it’s to lock away important agency information or extra cash from a long day’s work. While businesses know it’s important to keep a safe in a well-protected and illuminated area, many do not consider the entire safe being stolen. Thieves can sometimes take the entire safe, so it’s important to make sure the safe is also anchored to the floor.

A few simple improvements to your business or commercial property can make all the difference! For additional tips or for a free quote for business insurance in San Diego, reach out to American Tri-Star Insurance at 619-272-2100.