How to Prevent Burglaries by Using Lights

Prevent Burglary with Lights in San Diego, CA

One of the biggest fears of any homeowner is having his or her property burglarized. There are a few ways to deter this type of crime, including alarms and guard dogs. However, you can also use lighting to keep your home safe. The staff at American Tri-Star, a leading provider of homeowners insurance in Vista, discusses a few ways you can use lighting to prevent burglaries.

Illuminate Blind Spots

Whether it’s the corner where your security camera comes up short or the bushes where an intruder could easily blend into the shadows, lights are a simple and effective way to eliminate the blind spots in your yard. Don’t be afraid to experiment with angles, inclines, and coverage areas until you find a system that works. Every yard is different, so your setup might not be the same as your neighbor’s.

Pay for Extra Features

Though any kind of light is better than no light at all, it’s usually worth investing in the high-tech brands over the more basic ones. For example, there are lights that come with motion and vibration sensors to keep you informed of any activity in your yard, and there are others that can be wirelessly connected to your home security system to give you alerts on your smartphone when they’re activated.

Utilize Automated Lights

Automated lights are especially useful if you work long hours or are planning a vacation. By putting your lights on a timer, you can give the illusion of occupancy even when you’re miles from home. This strategy may prevent burglars from thinking your property is an easy target, and you won’t have to waste energy by keeping your lights on 24/7, either.

Don’t Illuminate Paths and Walkways

It might be tempting to install garden lights around your lawn or driveway if you’re tired of stumbling around them in the dark. However, if you can see the path, burglars can see it as well. You could be providing them a well-lit pathway right to your front door. A better alternative is to alter the pathway itself so it’s no longer a potential hazard.

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