Preparing Your Car for the Cold

Preping Your Car for the Cold in San Diego, CA

Although San Diego is not known for its cold winters, it is still critical to prepare your car upcoming months when the city experiences cooler temperatures. Plus, the rainy season is just around the corner and learning how to prepare your car to avoid accidents on the road ensures your safety and keeps your auto insurance at a low premium. The insurance experts at American-Tri star suggest that all San Diego drivers evaluate their cars and fix the following specific areas for safe travels, especially during the holidays.

Wipers & Windshield Fluid

Open your engine hood and inspect the windshield fluid container. You want the fluid to be at the maximum height before cool weather sets in. Dew, mud and rain all strike your windshield. Ample windshield fluid allows you to wash debris away before it becomes a visual obstruction. Take a look at your wipers at the same time. Over the summer, the wipers’ rubber cracks, making them useless in heavy rainstorms. Replace them before cool and rainy weather return.

Car Battery

Car batteries lose part of their life during cool weather, making it critical to have a new battery installed. If your current battery still has a good charge, clean the terminals of any corrosion using sandpaper. Built-up corrosion impedes the electrical signal to the car’s wiring. Your car may not turn on one morning with dirty terminals.

Tire Tread

Your tires need good tread to grip the pavement. If your tires are bald, water cannot funnel away from the tires, creating a hydroplane danger. You want tread with ample channels to move water out from under the tires to stay stable as you drive. In addition, features such as new tires that keep you safe on the road may even qualify you for lower auto insurance rates. Click here for other ways you can save on your automobile insurance in San Diego.

Brake Check

Any squealing brakes need to be inspected and replaced. Poor braking action on a wet commute leads to possible fender benders. Any accidents significantly increase auto insurance rates. Install new brake pads to keep the car safely on the road while maintaining ample distance from the car ahead of you.

The above tips from American Tri-Star Insurance are a great way to get you set up for safe driving this winter. For more tips or for information about our San Diego car insurance services, contact a representative today at 619-272-2100. Highly trained and friendly, we can help you find the best insurance policies for you, at the lowest prices!