How to Prepare for El Niño Storms

Be Ready for El Niño in San Diego, CA

With the threat of El Niño storms looming, homeowners and car owners should start preparing for the potential rough weather ahead. Being ready for the string of storms to come can ensure your safety as well as minimize financial impact from damaged assets and sustained injuries. Here are a few tips to help keep both you and your property protected.

Fix Leaks

Before heavy rain hits, make sure your roof is free of any holes where rainwater can leak through and damage the inside of your home. Recent dry heat weather may have corroded your roof’s structure. Contact a roofer for a quote if there are major repairs needed.

Prepare Your Yard

If you have a yard, be sure it is able to manage heavy and continuous water flow. Experts advise installing 3 to 4 inches of natural mulch in patches and areas where you expect the rainwater to collect or exit to.

Drive Safely

It can be difficult and unsafe to drive during heavy El Niño storms. San Diego auto insurance experts recommend only driving when the weather permits it and staying inside your house whenever possible. If you do need to go out for whatever reason, plan your routes and check online or on TV about traffic congestion and closed roads. You don’t want to be stuck or lost when driving in the middle of an El Niño storm.

Be Aware of Your Property’s Surroundings

Homeowners should look out for elements that could potentially injure them or cause damage to their property. For example, trees that are about to fall or have already fallen should be reported immediately. Cracked brick walls and flooring should also be repaired before the bad weather arrives or as soon as it subsides. Check your San Diego homeowners insurance policy to see what types of damage are covered.

Reinforce Windows and Doors

El Niño storms bring powerful winds. Your glass windows and doors might collapse if you don’t brace them properly. One way to prevent this from happening is reinforcing each side of your windows and doorframes with strong pieces of wood.

For more information on ways to stay safe during El Niño storms, reach out to the insurance experts at American Tri-Star. You can also take steps to help keep your property protected by securing the right insurance. In addition to auto and homeowners insurance, we also offer affordable motorcycle, RV, health, and commercial insurance in San Diego. Call one of our experienced agents today at 619-272-2100 for a free quote.