Special Perks Your Business Can Offer Its Employees

Employee Benefits to Offer in San Diego, CA

Many agencies are always looking for ways to raise the morale of their employees, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by offering a few unique perks. Of course, certain perks can bring potential insurance risks for a business. The staff at Tri-Star Insurance recommends weighing out the risks before officially deciding on providing perks like the following.

Recreational Areas

Many businesses acquire extra land for future growth or as a buffer zone between commercial and residential areas. Excess land adjacent to the workplace can be developed into pleasant recreational areas for the use of employees and their families. This can foster a family atmosphere and make employees feel appreciated. A recreational area could include hiking and bike trails, playgrounds, badminton courts, a swimming pool, or even a soccer field, giving employees a chance to stay in shape and potentially become even more productive as a result. A recreational area could be a wonderful perk for employees, but businesses should make sure the obvious liabilities of recreational activities are covered by their business insurance in San Diego.

Access to Agency Equipment

Many small businesses have specialized equipment their employees are trained to use. Some industrious workers would benefit from using agency equipment for side jobs or personal use. An example of this is when police officers are allowed to use their patrol cars and duty weapons to provide security for private businesses and events. Allowing personal use of agency equipment is great for employees, but business owners should be sure their insurance covers their equipment for such use.

Work from Home Programs

A work from home program can be an attractive perk for employees. Many modern jobs can be performed from the comfort of home. Days can be scheduled for employees to work from home and manage their assigned tasks via the Internet. This benefits employees by allowing them to save on the cost of commuting to work. However, your agency may be subject to unexpected liabilities, since employees working at home are engaged in work-related activities.

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