The Penalties for Getting Caught Driving without Insurance

No Insurance Penalties in San Diego, CA

The fines and penalties associated with operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance can vary considerably, often depending on the state, whether or not there are repeat offenses, and a variety of other factors. However, acquiring at least the minimum amount of car insurance San Diego drivers are required to have can help protect you from severe consequences like the following.

Financial Penalties

On average, first-time offenders in California pay $200 for this transgression, plus a penalty assessment that could amount to more than double the cost of the ticket, with multiple offenses seeing an even steeper increase. Reinstatement fees can add hundreds of dollars to this and you will need to file an SR-22, also known as a certificate of financial responsibility, with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Uninsured drivers are also liable for damage to personal property and injury in the event of an accident.

License and Registration Penalties

Depending on violation history and severity of the incident, your driving privileges may be also be suspended. Since most drivers depend on their vehicles for their daily lives, a restricted hardship license might be available for defined purposes. If your registration is suspended, it often only requires proof of insurance and a fee to rectify the situation. You may incur further penalties if you drive during suspension.


In certain jurisdictions, the driver may be ordered jail time, the length of which is at the discretion of the judge with minimum and maximum sentences defined state by state. Though this is not part of California’s state traffic laws, it could still potentially affect you when driving in other states. Repeat offenders have a higher risk of receiving this penalty.

Many courts will reduce penalties or dismiss charges completely if proof of insurance at the time of the citation is provided. For those actually without insurance, proactively acquiring it shows your attempt to swiftly correct the situation. The best course of action is to respond promptly to all correspondence and purchase San Diego cheap auto insurance.

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