5 Reasons to Pay Out of Pocket Instead of Using Your Health Insurance

Paying Out of Pocket for a Doctor in San Diego, CA

Many people are surprised to discover their health insurance doesn’t cover all of their medical needs. Though insurance is still useful in many instances, there are some situations where it might be cheaper to pay cash instead. The staff at Tri-Star Insurance Vista discusses 5 reasons you might want to pay for medical care out of pocket instead of using your health insurance.

1. Your Deductible Cap Resets Soon and You Aren’t Close to Meeting It

Many health insurance deductibles reset on January 1st of each year. To see any benefit from an insurance policy, the deductible amount needs to be fully paid first. If your deductible balance is about to be reset but you haven’t reached the amount you need to receive benefits, you gain nothing from filing an insurance claim. You may be able to save money by asking for a cash customer discount instead of using your insurance.

2. You Want to See an Outside Provider

Some health insurance plans provide sparse coverage for providers that aren’t in their network, and many provide no coverage at all outside of the network. If this is the case for your policy, there is no benefit to using your health insurance to see these providers. The strategy of asking for a cash discount may net some notable savings.

3. You Have Found Cheaper Medication Providers

If you are taking one or more medications for an ongoing condition, you likely want to pay as little as possible for them. After a little research, you may discover some providers outside of your network offer inexpensive medication. The quality of the medications is the same, but the prices may be lower than your copayment.

4. Your Procedure Isn’t Covered

Health insurance policies don’t necessarily cover all medical procedures, including many types of cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Because these procedures aren’t covered, there’s no advantage to using your Vista health insurance.

5. You’re Concerned About Privacy

If you are interested in having a medical procedure done but want it to remain confidential, you may discover paying cash is ideal. For instance, some teenagers on their parents’ health insurance plan don’t want their parents to know they are taking contraceptive pills, and there are a variety of other sensitive topics that could come into play.

Health insurance policies can be complex, but it’s important to have a good understanding of what your policy does and does not cover. To learn about the benefits of having health insurance, get in touch with American Tri-Star today. In addition to health insurance, we also offer the affordable car, commercial, bond, and homeowners insurance Vista residents prefer. Give us a call today at 760-758-1600 for a free quote.