Have you Heard of Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance?

Pay-Per-Mile Auto Insurance San Diego

According to California law, if you are a licensed driver, then you are required to have full-coverage car insurance in San Diego; if not, you could face serious penalties including monetary fines, or even jail time. For the individuals who can’t or don’t need to drive very often, this doesn’t only seem unnecessary, but it also comes at the expense of the driver.

Why am I paying thousands of dollars a year for auto insurance if I barely drive? – This is a question that many people find themselves asking. Along with the increase of gas prices worldwide, it has people seeking other means of transportation, or just cutting down on their driving. Unfortunately, though, both of these choices lack the convenience of being able to get into your car and go whenever you desire, and driving less doesn’t decrease your insurance expenses with most insurance agencies.

However, a new type of insurance could be changing the way people look at insuring their vehicles. Referred to as pay-per-mile insurance, the amount you spend on insurance depends on the distances you drive, making it more affordable for people who don’t drive a lot. On the flip side, for those who have a regular commute or who hit the open road rather frequently, pay-per-mile would probably not be a great option as the driver would continue to incur costs until it was likely more expensive than a regular insurance plan.

Right now, pay-per-mile services are targeting ride sharing services, helping to ensure drivers who have blurred the lines between personal and business driving – something that can be very difficult to insure through traditional auto insurance agencies. While still in its early stages, questions about pay-per-mile insurance are still unanswered. Will coverage be the same? What if you go over the allotted limit?

If you don’t drive often but are looking for traditional, yet affordable auto insurance in San Diego, CA, American Tri-Star is the option for you. We are a trusted auto insurance agency that helps drivers save, even if they don’t drive often. Our traditional insurance plans are straightforward and will provide you with the coverage you need, at a price that fits your budget.

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