Does Your Auto Insurance Travel with You?

Does Your Auto Insurance Travel with You? in San Diego, CA

As the holidays are fast approaching, many families living in California plan on visiting relatives in other states. This brings up a big question for many drivers: If I drive out of state, does my San Diego auto insurance still cover me?

The great news is that your current California auto insurance policy will cover you when you travel to other parts of the country. The only time when you will likely need a new policy is when you move permanently to another state. If you plan on renting another vehicle to drive across state lines, the insurance policy that is offered by the rental agency will likely cover you as well; however, you should check just to make sure.

Maintaining complete coverage of your vehicle when driving out of state is extremely important. Check to make sure your current insurance agent offers towing and road side assistance, as this may come in handy if you encounter problems during your vacation. If you do not have towing or roadside assistance and are interested in getting an affordable car insurance quote, click here.

Because more people are on the road during the holiday season, you should also take extra precautions when driving to see your relatives. If you are unfamiliar with the local driving rules of the particular state you plan to visit, make sure to brush up on them before you leave. Always obey the speed limit and be mindful of your surroundings. And if you feel drowsy during a long drive, pull into the nearest rest area and take a break.

Traveling during the holiday season also means that you might encounter snow at some point during your vacation. If you haven’t already, take some time out of your hectic schedule and head to your nearest auto parts store to pick up some snow chains. Also have your tires rotated before you head out so that you won’t run into any issues on the road.

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