4 Motorcycle Safety Tips

How to Stay Safe on a Motorcycle

San Diego’s mild weather and beautiful landscapes make it the perfect destination for motorcyclists. However, bikers should always make safety their top priority. As driving safely on your motorcycle can have a major impact on your personal health and the cost of insurance, it’s important to consider motorcycle safety tips. Presented by American Tristar Insurance of San Diego, a leading provider of motorcycle, auto, health insurance in San Diego, here are four important motorcycle safety tips to remember.

1. Purchase a High-Quality Helmet

A high-quality helmet is definitely a worthwhile investment. While a good helmet can be expensive, the investment can literally be life saving for a cyclist. In the event that you are thrown off the motorcycle, a sturdy helmet can help ensure that your head doesn’t sustain serious injury. While investing in motorcycle insurance in San Diego can help cover medical costs in the case of an accident, selecting a quality helmet is the best way to protect your health.

2. Stay Updated on the Weather

While San Diegans joke that the beautiful climate means locals don’t never need to check the weather, if you’re a motorcyclist, it’s important to know the forecast. While it’s less frequent in San Diego, rainy weather can make the pavement extremely slick and cause serious accidents. Like rain, powerful wind gusts can also pose a problem for riders. By knowing the forecast in advance, you can avoid driving during inclement weather.

3. Never Swerve Through Traffic

As motorcycles are more agile than cars, many riders are tempted to weave in and out of traffic. However, this is an extremely dangerous tactic as motorcycles can easily hide in driver’s blind spots. Make it a priority to be cautious while riding and drive defensively. This way, you can avoid getting swiped by drivers who didn’t see you or accidentally crashing into other vehicles when dodging through traffic.

4. Practice Riding with a Passenger

Traveling with a passenger is far different from riding alone and can throw off even the best motorcyclists. If you’re planning to bring a passenger with you on the highway, it is definitely a smart idea to first practice in a secluded area like a parking lot. Driving with a passenger around a safe area can help you get a better feel for the balance of your bike with the extra weight, helping you feel more comfortable and confidence when you finally get out on the highway.

Though driving a motorcycle can be fun, it’s important to also take driving seriously. If you drive a motorcycle in San Diego, insurance from a provider like Tristar Insurance San Diego can help ensure that you have the insurance coverage you need in cases where taking safety measures aren’t enough. Give an insurance agent a call at (619) 272-2100 to learn more about our insurance plans and to request a free insurance quote. We look forward to hearing from you!