Motorcycle Model Impacts Cost of Insurance

Cost of Insurance San Diego

Many people are surprised to hear that different kinds of motorcycles have different insurance costs. But it is important to understand that not all motorcycles are made to target the same kind of user and riding profile. American Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego will use an example to illustrate the kinds of risk an insurance agency considers when setting an insurance rate.

The Honda rebel is a tried and true beginner’s bike. It has a modest 234cc engine and has gentle handling that is forgiving to the new user. It’s an unassuming bike for an unassuming rider. Compare that to the Hyabusa, a legendary street bike with a top speed of nearly 200 mph and a massive 1,300 cc engine capacity. Its aggressive acceleration and no-holds-barred design is targeted towards enthusiasts who are inherently taking more risk.

Factors Determining Motorcycle Insurance Cost

When deciding how much it will cost to insure a bike, a motorcycle insurance agency will take a few factors into consideration. These factors include the age of the bike, the cost of the model, how likely that model of bike is to be stolen, the intended use of the bike, the displacement of its engine, and more.

Notoriously Expensive Models to Insure

A few of the most notoriously expensive motorcycles to insure include:

  • Ducati’s Diavel is generally ranked on the top-10 list of most expensive bikes to insure. The 1200cc V-twin engine, the sport riding intentions, and the Ducati name all add up to a higher cost to insure.
  • From the American manufacturers, Harley Davidson’s Electra Glide is expensive to insure. The Electra Glide is one of Harley Davidson’s most expensive models, and comes replete with accessories and chrome fairings that can be expensive to insure in the event of a crash.
  • The CBR1000RR from Honda has a modest price tag and engine, yet reports show that this particular bike is one of the most stolen models on the road. With insurance agencies having to pay out to replace stolen CBR1000RRs, the risk for owning this bike has increased, in turn with its cost.

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