5 Factors Used to Determine Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Determining Motorcycle Insurance Rates in San Diego, CA

If you own a motorcycle or are thinking about purchasing a motorcycle, it is important to also factor in the cost of insurance. In the state of California, people who ride two-wheel vehicles for use on public roads must have liability coverage (proof they can take financial responsibility should an accident take place). Motorcycle insurance is separate from car insurance in San Diego, and the cost, as well as how it is determined, varies by each individual case.

The following list, compiled by American Tri-Star Insurance, provides motorcycle riders with the common factors that are used to determine motorcycle insurance rates.

1. Coverage

The type of coverage you choose will be a major factor in the price of your insurance. Liability coverage is typically the least expensive; however, only having this type of coverage is not ideal for motorcycle riders. Riders should carefully consider collision coverage for comprehensive protection in case of an accident.

2. Age and experience

Similar to car insurance, your age and your experience on the road factors into your overall motorcycle insurance rate. Younger motorcyclists should expect to pay more in motorcycle premiums while older and more experienced riders enjoy lower monthly rates.

3. Location

The state and which part of the state you live in plays a role in determining motorcycle insurance requirements and rates. As a general rule, motorcycle riders in urban areas can expect to pay higher rates than motorcycle riders in rural areas.

4. Type of motorcycle

Just like cars, some motorcycles have larger engines than others and are designed to be faster sport bikes. These types of high powered motorcycles will have higher premiums and rates as the insurance agency will assume you are more likely to get a speeding ticket or into an accident with a faster bike.

5. History

For insurance agencies, your past motorcycle history is an indication of how you ride your bike and what they can expect in the future. As a result, if you have a poor motorcycle driving record with accidents or speeding tickets, you can expect to pay higher rates.

There are also many insurance agencies who either do not offer motorcycle insurance at all or only offer expensive insurance rates because of the high risk associated with riding a motorcycle. At American Tri-Star Insurance, we specialize in San Diego motorcycle insurance and believe every motorcycle rider should have the opportunity to attain affordable insurance no matter what the circumstance.

We encourage you to contact us directly so one of our motorcycle insurance experts can help you navigate through your coverage choices and make sure the proper coverage is selected for your specific motorcycle. Call 1-866-475-1101 and learn how you can save with our affordable and comprehensive San Diego motorcycle insurance plans.