Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

Motorcycle Insurance San Diego

The answer to the question “does motorcycle insurance cover theft” depends on the type of insurance coverage the motorcycle owner carries. To help you better understand the options for motorcycle insurance and theft coverage, American Tri-Star Insurance is going to share some basic information the different types of coverage available for San Diego motorcyclists.

Some motorcycle owners only carry liability coverage, which is designated for any injuries received in an accident caused by the motorcycle owner or someone with a motorcycle operator’s license who is riding the bike on a public highway. Merely having enough insurance to ride the bike legally does not guarantee theft protection.

Collision coverage also does not provide coverage for a stolen vehicle, even if the vehicle is financed with a lending institution that requires collision protection. Collision protection covers the value of your vehicle at the time of a crash, based on the condition and value at that time. Likewise, uninsured and under-insured coverage does not provide for theft either.

Comprehensive full coverage is the only insurance coverage that pays for a stolen motorcycle. However, motorcycle insurance will only cover theft up to the limit of the policy, or value of the motorcycle. Insurance coverage for motorcycle theft works just like car insurance theft, and the value of the motorcycle can be contested or coverage can be denied by the insurance agency just like with a stolen passenger vehicle. Even when the motorcycle owner has comprehensive vehicle protection, the insurance agency can force legal action.

Motorcycles that are used as collateral for a loan or are a financed purchase may have some protection with the dealer, but the insurance protection applicable for the borrowing motorcycle owner is only valid when they are compliant with the terms of the loan (which would need to require comprehensive full coverage). San Diego homeowner’s insurance policies also stipulate by law that motor vehicles cannot be included in homeowner policy coverage.

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