What Common Insurance Claims Can Affect Your Business?

Business Insurance Claims in San Diego, CA

Even if everything else seems to be going well with your business, there is always the chance of a minor or major disaster or crime occurring on-site. Chances are, events like these will impact your commercial insurance in the form of a claim. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of claims needing to be filed. The staff at American Tri-Star Insurance San Diego has put together a list featuring some of the most common commercial insurance claims and how to prevent them.

Employee Theft and Burglary

The amount of claims made each year because of these two crimes is approximately equal, and the average claim cost is about $8,000. Your business can prevent employee theft by enacting a strict screening process when hiring and by changing the way cash or merchandise is handled within your agency. A system for double-checking cash and supplies can dramatically reduce theft as well. To avoid losses due to burglary, you are encouraged to use a security system on your business’s property, make sure your landscaping does not provide adequate places for people to hide, and limit the amount of employees who have access codes to your security system. Taking these simple steps can significantly reduce burglary events at your business.

Slip and Fall Claims

Clients who slip and fall on a business property make up a large amount of San Diego commercial insurance claims each year. On average, a slip and fall claim is about $30,000. These events can also have a significant impact on the reputation of your business.

To help avoid slip and fall accidents, businesses are encouraged to:

  • Clear walkways of debris and clutter
  • Remove rain or ice from walkways
  • Repair uneven pavement, potholes in the parking lot, or cracks in the sidewalks
  • Make sure outside areas are well lit when it is dark
  • Maintain stairwells, keep them clean, and make sure the stairs have slip resistant coatings and the railings are secured tightly
  • Secure rugs, tiles, or other mats in entranceways
  • Use caution signs in wet areas

Water and Storm Damage

Damage from torrential rains, sleet, snow, ice storms, hail, tornadoes, lightning, and wind damage fall under this category. In an effort to protect your business’s property, you should use weather safety products, which may include lightning rods, storm shutters, and sandbags during severe storms. Having the proper gutter system on your building can also help eliminate water damage to your business.

Fire Damage

The average fire claim is for $35,000 and does not include any of the losses the business incurred related to stock or other items. To prevent fire damage, you should have a fire safety system installed in your business’s building. Extinguishers should be available throughout the building, and safety inspections should be routinely conducted to ensure the building is not a fire hazard.

Though the measures mentioned above can be a great help in preventing claims resulting from crimes, accidents, and natural disasters, it’s important to keep your business protected with the appropriate commercial insurance. Contact American Tri-Star Insurance to find a policy that can best suit your agency’s needs. For a free quote on business insurance, as well as affordable auto, motorcycle, homeowners, and health insurance San Diego residents trust, give us a call today at 619-272-2100.