5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Running a Business from Home

5 Things to Avoid When Running a Business from Home in San Diego, CA

Operating a business from home is something many people dream about because they associate this economic activity with comfort, frugality, flexibility, and freedom. However, the reality of home-based business operations is that they are subject to many of the same risks and challenges other companies face on a daily basis. In fact, there is an interesting disadvantage tied to the feeling of being able to do just about everything from home. This can be a careless approach to doing business and should be avoided. With this in mind, here are five things you shouldn’t do when running a business from home.

1. Work Yourself to Death

While it is true many people tend to be less productive when they work from home, there are others who try too hard to avoid falling victim to this stereotype. Stick to a schedule that does not go beyond a typical workday plus the time you are saving by not having to commute. If you are working more than 10 hours a day from Monday to Sunday, take time to reevaluate your business strategy.

2. Cheat on Your Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service offers many incentives and tax breaks to those who operate their businesses from home, but you must make sure you meet the criteria to take proper advantage of these financial benefits. According to business news magazine Kiplinger, the odds you will be audited by the IRS are less than 2 percent. However, you do not want to leave things to chance.

3. Ignore Liability

Working from home may give you a false sense of security that could dangerously escalate into disregarding insurance policies. Granted, you may not need certain coverage. For example, if you are a self-employed accountant whose business model does not involve inviting clients to your home office, you can skip premises liability coverage. Nonetheless, you should check with a National City commercial insurance agent about the coverage that applies to you.

4. Fall into Unhealthy Routines

Along with the temptation to work longer hours, you may also be tempted to constantly enjoy snacks and small meals while sitting at your desk all day. You may also take more smoking breaks, sneak a few naps per week, and completely forget about fitness and other physical activities. These unhealthy habits may quickly become routines you do not want in your life.

5. Forget About Time Management

When part of your professional career involves staying at home, you may fall into a false sense of flexibility whereupon you blur the lines between being at home and being at work. Create clear time boundaries between the two, and this is something members of your household should respect and help you with, particularly if you are the sole breadwinner in the family.

One other thing you shouldn’t do when running a business out of your home is forgetting to purchase adequate insurance. Get in touch with American Tri-Star to find out what type of coverage you need to protect yourself and your company. In addition to commercial insurance, we also offer affordable health, home, bond, and auto insurance in National City. Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents today at 619-474-3900 to receive a free quote.