When Is It Too Late to Get Health Insurance?

Deadlines for Health Insurance Application in San Diego, CA

The Affordable Care Act has made it easier than ever to get health insurance in the U.S., but there are still some rules you have to follow to ensure you receive it. If you don’t pay mind to deadlines, you could be faced with a situation where it’s too late to get health insurance. To make sure you know which situations to watch for, the insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego have the information you need.

Once Open Enrollment Has Passed

Businesses offering health insurance to their employees have what is called an open enrollment period, which is mandated by the Affordable Care Act. This enrollment usually occurs late in the year and is open for a few weeks. During this window, employees who don’t have insurance can sign up and those who already have it can make changes. If you don’t sign up during the open enrollment period, you may be out of luck unless you have a qualifying life event.

More Than 30 Days After a Qualifying Event

Some major life changes can qualify you to get health insurance outside of open enrollment. This includes getting married or divorced and having a baby.  You usually have 30 days after a qualifying event to make changes to your insurance. If you don’t make the changes within the window, it may be too late to get coverage.

If You Miss the Medicare Deadline

When you turn 65 you are eligible for Medicare, the government health insurance program for seniors. You can sign up for this coverage anywhere from three months before you turn 65 to three months after. You can face a penalty for being late if you don’t adhere to this time frame.

If You Forget to Sign Up for COBRA

COBRA is a law that allows you to extend your employer insurance coverage after losing your job. You generally have 60 days from notification to enroll. Attempting to enroll after 60 days may forfeit your eligibility.

Don’t wait too long to secure health insurance for you and your family. There are plenty of available options to suit many different needs. If you are looking for affordable San Diego health insurance, call the knowledgeable agents at American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100 for a free quote.