5 Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Insurance in San Diego, CA

Without the right safety measures in place, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous, even more so than driving a car. The Vista motorcycle insurance experts at American Tri-Star discuss 5 common causes of motorcycle accidents and provide tips on how to prevent them.

1. Lack of Experience

New riders sometimes find themselves in situations where accidents are difficult to prevent. Being unfamiliar with the bike itself, road surfaces, and how the vehicle behaves in different weather conditions can all spell disaster for an inexperienced rider. Taking a training course can help reduce some of the risks and build your skills and confidence.

2. Riding While Impaired

Drugs and alcohol are often cited in accidents, and the risks for a motorcyclist who rides under the influence are even higher than an intoxicated driver in an automobile. Never ride a motorcycle while under the influence. If you do, you risk your own life and the lives of everyone on the road with you.

3. Incompatibility

Riding a motorcycle that is too large or too fast for you to safely control can easily lead to an accident. A heavy, powerful bike may not behave as you’d expect, and you can lose control in the blink of an eye. Choose a bike that fits both your size and skill level.

4. Recklessness

Lane splitting, speeding, and other reckless behaviors are among the most devastating causes of accidents involving motorcycles. Head-on collisions with other vehicles or losing control at high speed never bode well for a motorcyclist. Always ride responsibly and with safety in mind.

5. Other Drivers

A motorcycle accident isn’t always the motorcyclist’s fault. Bikes are relatively small compared to automobiles, and they are sometimes difficult for drivers to see. Be alert when riding. Never ride in a car’s blind spot, and don’t assume a driver can see you.

Even the safest motorcycle rider can still become involved in an accident. Get in touch with Tri-Star Insurance and we can help you select a policy to keep you protected in the event an accident occurs. We are a leading provider of motorcycle and auto insurance in Vista, and we also offer affordable RV, homeowners, commercial, and health insurance. Give us a call today at 760-758-1600 and one of our friendly agents would be happy to assist you.