How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Cheaper Car Insurance San Diego

If you’re looking for a way to lower your car insurance payments, there are a number of steps you can take that may help. At American Tristar Insurance in San Diego, our insurance experts offer the following four strategies that drivers may try to get the best insurance rate for their car. 

1. Increase Your Credit Score

One of the easiest ways to get cheap car insurance in San Diego actually has very little to do with your driving habits. As bad credit score can lead to car insurance premiums that are as much as 50% higher than those offered to drivers with good credit, keeping a close eye on your credit score and taking steps to boost it can save you money on your insurance.

2. Pay up Front

While it is always tempting to pay for your insurance policy in installments, this practice can cost you money over time. In most cases, carriers charge administrative fees for making installments that are due with every payment made throughout the year.

3. Aftermarket Parts

If your vehicle has aftermarket parts, you may consider asking your insurance provider if they offer discounts for certain additions or accessories. Some aftermarket parts, like supplementary anti-theft systems and motorized seat belts, can make your vehicle less of an insurance risk and thereby reduce your insurance costs. Most providers offer these kinds of discounts, so long as they are made aware of the addition to the vehicle.

4. Ask for Driver Discounts

Exploring group discounts can lead to considerable savings for drivers who demonstrate certain positive qualities, like being involved in the community. These kinds of rates typically apply for local organizations, veterans, and certain fields, like education and engineering. Likewise, insurance providers frequently offer senior citizen rates and good students driver discounts as well. 

To help ensure that you get insurance rates that work for you, reach out to American Tristar Insurance. We are committed to providing San Diegans with affordable insurance rates for all of their insurance needs, from San Diego homeowners insurance to RV and motorhome insurance. Reach out to one of our insurance experts at 619-272-2100 to ask questions and to get a free, no-obligation insurance quote.