How Does Loss Ratio Affect Business Insurance Premiums?

How Business Insurance Premiums are Affected By Loss Ratio in San Diego, CA

When you are in the process of buying business insurance, a commercial lines insurer will use a variety of different factors to calculate your premiums based on the risks that you present. From the number of years that you have been in business to the classification of your operations, the rates that you pay are based on a combination of factors that can all either increase or decrease the likelihood that you will file a claim. One of the common factors that is used by commercial insurance agencies in San Diego is referred to as loss ratio.

What Does the Industry Term Loss Ratio Mean?

Understanding the idea behind loss ratio is very important when you are buying coverage. An insurance agency is in business to earn money, and the more likely that you are to file a claim that costs them money, the more money you will pay. Technically speaking, the industry term loss ratio is calculated by taking the total losses in claims and adding expenses and then dividing this figure by the total premiums earned by the agency.

For example: A carrier collects $1000 in premiums and pays $800 total in claims and expenses. This means that you have a 80 percent loss ratio, which means that the premiums are sufficient to cover claims paid. If the ratio is over 100 percent, it is a recipe for financial disaster and the agency will be forced to raise your premiums in a short period of time to recoup because the only way that they can earn a profit is through investment income.

If you want to control the cost of your San Diego insurance premiums, the best thing that you can do is be proactive in your efforts to prevent losses before they happen. By preventing losses and exploring other risk management strategies, you can keep your loss ratio and your premiums low.

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