6 Lesser-Known Discounts on Auto Insurance

Discounts on Auto Insurance That Are Lesser-Known in San Diego, CA

If you feel you are paying too much for auto insurance in San Diego, it may be worth your while to check with your agent about your coverage and policy options. According to a March 2017 study conducted by a national underwriter consortium, the highest car insurance rates in the United States were found in Detroit, followed by New York City, New Orleans, and a very upscale suburb of Miami. A couple of zip codes near Los Angeles made the top ten list of highest auto insurance rates in 2017, but none in San Diego. One of the keys to getting lower premiums is to pursue certain discounts that may apply to your driving situation. Here are six discounts you may not be familiar with.

1. Roadside Assistance

If you are a member in good standing of AAA or a similar organization that provides roadside assistance services in case of vehicle breakdown, your insurance company may extend you a premium discount. Insurers also offer this service when you choose comprehensive coverage, which is always the best option but at a higher premium.

2. Paying in Full

Ask your insurance agent to provide you with the various premium costs you will be expected to pay monthly versus making a lump sum payment at the time the policy goes into effect. Spreading out premium payments often comes at a cost. You may also gain similar savings if you commit to an automatic renewal program with an electronic debit from your checking account.

3. Military Discounts

If you are on active duty and living on base, you may be entitled to a discount. If you are deployed and choose to put your car in safe storage until you return, the discount could be significant. You may also receive a discount if you serve in the National Guard or in a reserve component that is activated longer than the standard monthly and annual drill periods.

4. Students Living Away from Home

College life in San Diego tends to have a pedestrian advantage that encourages leaving your car at home. If your home is more than 100 miles from campus, you can enjoy a significant discount, and you may be entitled to an additional discount if you only drive your car a few thousand miles per year.

5. Eco-Friendly Vehicles

If you drive a hybrid such as the Toyota Prius or a plug-in electric car such as a Tesla, some insurance companies may reward you with a premium discount based on your contribution to energy efficiency and environmental conservation.

6. Technology

The insurance industry is anxiously awaiting widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles so they can sharply reduce discounts. In the meantime, you can enjoy discounts if your car was manufactured with modern safety and security equipment. Some examples include tracking systems, surveillance cameras that connect to your smartphone, and driver-assist systems.

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