4 Potential Liability Concerns for a Thanksgiving Gathering

Liabilities That Could Inflict Your Thanksgiving Get-Together in San Diego, CA

A Thanksgiving get-together at your home can be a fun event to look forward to. However, it’s important to think about some of the things that could go wrong in your home and make you liable for damages. Even if you have standard and specialty Vista home insurance policies to cover you during Thanksgiving dinner, you should review the following liability concerns and consider the appropriate prevention strategies.

1. Underage Drinking

Thanksgiving dinners often feature eggnog and wine followed by beer during the televised football games. If some of your guests are under 21, serving them liquor, whether intentionally or not, could be a substantial liability. This situation can be prevented by monitoring the alcoholic beverages served during dinner and by keeping liquor in a locked cabinet.

2. Food Poisoning

One of the worst nightmares Thanksgiving hosts fear is the prospect of seeing their guests being rushed to the emergency room due to food poisoning. According to the Centers for Disease Control, foodborne illness situations affect more than 38 million Americans each year. Be sure to thoroughly wash and fully cook all food ingredients.

3. Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the most endearing aspects of Thanksgiving is when elderly guests accept your invitation. A liability concern in this regard would be the potential for slip and fall injuries in your house. This risk is augmented when elderly guests must navigate stairs, narrow sidewalks, and other challenging construction features. Make sure someone keeps an eye on elderly guests as they move around your home.

4. Anaphylactic Shock

Thanksgiving dinners tend to be rich in both carbohydrates and proteins, and it is the latter that can increase the risk of anaphylactic shock among guests whose dietary restrictions are unknown. Hypersensitivity to certain proteins can occur when Thanksgiving dinner guests eat too much. Be sure to ask your guests about any potential food allergies they bring to the dinner table.

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