3 Potential Liabilities for an Office Christmas Party

How and Office Chrismtas Party Can Have Potential Liabilities in San Diego, CA

Staff holiday parties are often considered to be good for raising employee morale and fostering loyalty through appreciation. However, these events also present a few potential risks employers should be aware of, and the Chula Vista commercial insurance experts at American Tri-Star want to share 4 of those liabilities.

1. Irresponsible Liquor Consumption

From a liability point of view, employers who choose to serve alcoholic beverages at holiday parties are seen as more than social hosts. Employers are expected to shoulder certain responsibilities, such as not serving too much alcohol. Hosting the party at a tavern or restaurant and setting a limit on the number of drinks served can greatly reduce this liability. To prevent drinking and driving, employers can arrange for personal transportation like taxicabs or Uber cars.

2. Sexual Harassment

This liability often goes hand in hand with liquor consumption, and it can be prevented if supervisors enforce agency policies during the party. One way to reduce the risk of sexual harassment would be to organize a family event that allows employees to invite their children and significant others, and an even safer bet would be to host the family-friendly event at an amusement park away from the workplace.

3. Religious Discrimination

Some employees may object to holiday staff parties that feature overly religious imagery or undertones. To prevent complaints of faith-based exclusion or discrimination, employers should avoid references to religious holidays or celebrations. One idea would be to hold the event some time between December 25th and New Year’s Eve.

All the potential mishaps of a social event can turn into liability situations for employers hosting holiday parties. If the incident takes place at the office and during working hours, the employer’s liability increases. However, the liability can be reduced by hosting the event offsite and not during working hours. You may also want to purchase Chula Vista liability and property insurance.

If you’re concerned your commercial liability insurance isn’t sufficient enough to protect you against these and other potential liabilities, reach out to Tri-Star Insurance. In addition to commercial insurance, we also offer affordable health, home, bond, and car insurance in Chula Vista. Give us a call at 619-827-0522 and one of our knowledgeable agents would be happy to assist you.