Lawn Mower Safety and Injury Prevention Tips

Lawn Mower Safety Tips in San Diego, CA

Mowing the lawn is something most homeowners need to do on a regular basis, especially those who want to give the outside of their homes a pleasant appearance or keep animals like snakes away. When tackling this project, it’s important to use your mower safely. National City homeowners insurance experts have a few tips to help prevent yourself and others around you from being harmed while mowing the lawn.

Fill the Gas Properly

Unless you own a push-reel mower, you’ll need to put gas in the machine before you mow. Never put gas in a hot lawn mower because the heat from the motor could result in a fire. Only use the kind of fuel recommended by the agency or a safe gasoline instead of using kerosene or another kind of fuel.

Check the Blades

Make sure the mower’s blades are sharpened before cutting the grass. This allows for a more precise cut. Most mowers have a cover for the blades, but if there isn’t one you may want to install a piece of plastic to cover them. This can keep objects in the yard or even your hands and feet from getting entangled in the blades.

Pick Up Objects Before Mowing

Any time you plan to mow, gather toys, balls, or other objects you see in the yard and put them on a porch or in a container. Foreign objects can cause damage to the mower, and they can also get thrown into windows or doors. If there are people nearby, these flying objects could cause them bodily harm.

Don’t Mow Barefoot

Never mow without wearing proper shoes. If you aren’t paying close enough attention while mowing, your feet could become caught in the blades. If the motor and other hot areas have been running for some time, you can also burn your bare feet.

Even if you don’t have a lawn to mow, there are other risks you may come across when maintaining a home. If you’d like to learn more about how to take care of your home without sacrificing safety, get in touch with American Tri-Star Insurance. In addition to home insurance, we also offer affordable commercial, health, RV, and auto insurance in National City. Call 619-474-3900 today and one of our knowledgeable and friendly agents would be happy to assist you.