5 Jobs That Increase the Need for Accidental Death Insurance

5 Jobs That Make Accidental Death Insurance Essential in San Diego CA

Not all employers offer accidental death and dismemberment policies to their employees. This voluntary coverage may be offered as a hiring incentive. To a certain extent, it is similar to personal insurance policies that offer a benefit in case of accidental death, but eligibility tends to be more general. A private military contractor may not be eligible for accidental death insurance, but a heavy equipment operator working in a coal mine will. In addition to providing benefits in the event of death, accidental death insurance may also provide coverage for issues such as becoming paralyzed, losing limbs or fingers, and impairing hearing or eyesight. Here are five occupational fields that make accidental death insurance essential, brought to you by the San Diego commercial insurance experts at American Tri-Star.

1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industrial sector where workers are exposed to high risks of major injuries such as dismemberment, and market analysts believe this dangerous aspect is partly responsible for the low labor participation in this sector. Factories that do not offer accidental death coverage are often targeted by the public outreach campaigns of labor unions. The most dangerous manufacturing plants include metal fabrication, lumber mills, furniture fabrication, and chemical processing centers.

2. Auto Repairing

Similar to workers in the manufacturing field, auto mechanics and service technicians face a high risk of dismemberment and losing limbs or fingers. In terms of accidental death, mechanics are at risk of being crushed by vehicles that fall off lifts or engines that suddenly become detached from pulleys.

3. Mining

In 2010, people around the world closely followed the incident at CopiapĆ³ in Chile, the site of a major copper and gold mining operation where 33 miners were trapped after a massive cave-in but would eventually be rescued and brought back to the surface in a dramatic fashion. In addition to the risk of layers of the earth collapsing on them, miners also face risks such as flooding, compressed gas explosion, underground fires, and being crushed by heavy loads. Open-pit mining sites present a high risk of fatal accidents involving heavy equipment operations.

4. Logging

The logging industry has the highest rates of accidental death in North America. For this reason, loggers are known to look for jobs that offer accidental death coverage since obtaining such policies on their own can be very expensive. However, the logging industry is also known for its high rates of dismemberment.

5. Commercial Fishing

The ocean can be a very unforgiving workplace for commercial fishermen in search of a profitable season. The dangers faced by fishing crews who work off the Alaska coast became known to the public through the reality television series Deadliest Catch, broadcast on the Discovery Channel. However, reports by the U.S. Coast Guard indicate that fishing crews working off the New England coast face even more dangers. From the year 2000 until 2009, more than 160 crew members died while working aboard fishing boats off the East Coast.

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