Adding Your Teenager to Your Car Insurance Policy

Safe Teen Driving in San Diego, CA

Adding a teen to your auto insurance can be a little scary, however, it’s important to understand how this process works and obtain the lowest rate possible. Follow these steps provided by the experts at American Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego to add your teenage driver to your car insurance policy.

Contact Your Insurance Agency

Although most insurance agencies don’t require you to add a teenager to your policy while he or she has a learner’s permit, you should still call and let your agent know if your teen is using your car. Have your child’s full name, birthdate, address, and DMV ID number ready when you call.

Sign Your Teen Up for Behind-the-Wheel Training

Not only can behind-the-wheel training teach your teen invaluable driving skills and safety rules, but also it can help save money on your car insurance. Many insurance agencies offer a special discount for teenagers who have completed a driver’s training course.

Add Your Child to Your Insurance

Once your teen has passed the driver’s exam, you need to contact your auto insurance agency as soon as possible. Teenagers are considered high-risk drivers, so your premiums will most likely increase. To minimize the increase, inform your agent that your child completed a driver’s training course. You may want to ask about any other special discounts available, such as a good student or occasional driver discount.

Once your child is added to your policy, you will need to explain how the coverage works and why insurance is important. For assistance with your car insurance, or for information regarding cheap health or homeowner’s insurance in San Diego, contact our knowledgeable agents at American Tri-Star Insurance at 619-272-2100. Your safety is our priority!