How Does Insurance Work If You Take Your Vehicle Out of the State or Country?

Learn About International Insurance in San Diego, CA

Driving your vehicle to another state or country may affect your insurance coverage. Though cheap auto insurance in San Diego will usually cover you when you drive from state to state, there are some exceptions. If you leave the borders, however, it can be a different situation.

Change of Residence

If you move to another state, even temporarily, you should let your San Diego auto insurance agency know. Most major auto insurers write coverage in all 50 states, but some smaller ones may not. You would hate to find out after an accident that you are no longer covered because you moved to a different state. Check first and change coverage ahead of time if necessary.

Traveling to Canada

Most U.S. insurers will cover your car if you drive it into Canada for a trip, although you may be required to get a temporary Motor Vehicle Liability Card. You should also have copies of your vehicle ownership papers and your insurance policy on hand. If you are stopped in Canada without the liability card, you can get a citation or have your vehicle impounded until proper proof of coverage is provided.

Going to Mexico

If you are going on a short trip over the border to Mexico, most insurers will cover your car for damage sustained in a crash. However, if you are going on an extended trip and will spend many days in Mexico or will be driving hundreds of miles, you may need to get a special policy from your insurer.

Liability Coverage in Mexico

A trickier issue if you are going to Mexico and driving your own car is liability coverage. Mexican law does not allow you to use your U.S. liability coverage, and your U.S. insurer cannot issue you a Mexican liability policy either, so you will have to find a Mexican insurer that can tell you how much coverage you need and how much it will cost for the time you will be there.

Understanding how auto insurance works in other states and bordering countries can be challenging, but it’s best to have a good grasp on any potential changes in your policy ahead of time. Call American Tri-Star Insurance today at 619-272-2100 and one of our representatives can help answer your questions. If you are looking for information on affordable auto, RV, or motorbike insurance in San Diego, get in touch with us for a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon.