Is It Necessary to Insure a Treehouse?

Information on Insuring a Treehouse in San Diego, CA

San Diego and other parts of Southern California are perfect for treehouses, particularly as part of older ranch-style houses that became popular after World War II. Baby boomers who grew up in San Diego are likely to remember spending sunny and breezy afternoons in treehouses during a time of American prosperity, and they may want their children to enjoy similar experiences. However, we live in litigious times of risks and liabilities, and thus it is important to consider Vista home insurance when thinking about treehouses.

Treehouses and Insurance Companies

Like swimming pools and playgrounds, insurance companies consider treehouses to be detached structures with separate values from the residence. An elaborate treehouse standing amid a majestic backyard may help sell your home faster and at a higher price, but most insurance companies will think of them as an item of pure liability.

The Need for Treehouse Insurance

When shopping for a new home in San Diego, it is easy to fall in love with a remodeled California ranch-style home complete with a treehouse. Your children will love it, and so will all their new friends from the neighborhood. This could be a problem insofar as children entering your property, climbing to the treehouse, and falling. This is the “pure liability” angle that insurance companies fear.

Acquiring Versus Building a Treehouse

Not all treehouses are the same. In the eyes of insurance companies, some may appear to be riskier than others. If your insurer offers liability coverage for detached structures such as sheds, there is a good chance it may cover a treehouse. However, an agent or representative will likely come by your house for an inspection beforehand. If you purchased a home with a treehouse that is deemed too risky, the insurer may recommend taking it down. If you plan to build a treehouse, make sure to get safety guidelines from your insurance agent. Tall fences and sturdy ladders may reduce your premium and prevent coverage refusal.

Policy Exclusions and Conditions

If your treehouse has all the requisite safety features, insurance companies may include a “no exclusions” cause, which means you will not face restrictions when using the treehouse. If exclusions are stated in the policy, you must become familiar with them. In some cases, an adult may have to supervise whenever children are in the treehouse. Your insurer may also decide to extend coverage only if certain precautions are always provided. As previously mentioned, the best time to implement these precautions is when you build a new treehouse and a representative inspects it. The most significant risk would be an unattended treehouse. If you are not around to prevent neighborhood children from accessing the treehouse, this could be too much liability to cover.

Insurance for treehouses and other aspects of homeowners insurance are not the only types of coverage to consider when living in Vista. Cheap car insurance is also essential. Call Tri-Star Insurance today at 760-758-1600 to find out about our reliable and affordable policies.