Insurance Issues Newlyweds Need to Consider

Home Insurance While Moving in San Diego, CA

Once wedding vows are taken, couples need to get serious about their combined insurance needs. Here are some issues you and your spouse should take into consideration as soon as you get back from the honeymoon.

Life Insurance

Even if both of you have life insurance through your jobs, it makes sense to secure plans that name each other as the beneficiary. If money is tight, consider a term life policy, which usually costs less and covers a shorter amount of time than permanent life insurance. Think about what would happen if you or your spouse passed away suddenly and the other had to handle things like the mortgage, utilities, and other essentials. Life insurance ensures the surviving spouse will be financially secure if the unthinkable occurs.

Homeowners or Renters Insurance

Typically, each person brings furniture and various other personal belongings into a marriage. The last thing you want to worry about is replacing these items because they were stolen or a disaster destroyed them. It’s essential to secure National City home insurance with provisions for replacing items lost due to theft or destruction during a covered event. Whether you are buying a home or living in an apartment for now, this type of coverage can make it easier to move past the loss and get life back to normal. When choosing renters insurance, be clear on what sort of provisions the policy offers. An agent can help you understand what is and is not likely to be covered in a landlord’s plan and how the right mix of benefits can protect you from almost any type of loss.

Auto Insurance

Neither you or your spouse would dream of operating a motor vehicle without proper coverage, so it makes sense to look into joint auto insurance plans and see if any discounts can be worked out. In most cases, the premium for a joint policy is less than what you would pay for two individual policies, which means you can potentially save a reasonable amount of money each month by combining your National City cheap car insurance.

Health Insurance

Take a look at what it would cost to add your spouse to your employer’s group insurance plan. Depending on how much both of you currently pay for coverage through your individual plans, opting for a family plan may be cheaper. Go with the plan with the best copays and deductibles balanced with a reasonable premium. This approach may ease some of the stress on the household budget and ensures there will be no worries about how to cover the costs if one of you ends up in the hospital.

Once you’ve said “I do,” and start getting settled into your new life, get in touch with Tri-Star Insurance National City to see how we can help you and your spouse with your insurance needs. Give one of our friendly agents a call at 619-474-3900 for more information and free quotes on many different types of insurance.