Types of Motorhomes and Insurance Coverage

Motorhomes Insurance Coverage San Diego

To be sure that your motorhome fits your travel needs and has affordable insurance coverage, it’s important to first become familiar with the types of motorhomes. To help you better understand how motorhome classes can affect your insurance premiums and coverage, our insurance experts at Tristar Insurance San Diego discuss the three primary motorhome classes.  

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes are generally the largest and most luxurious motorhomes, easily costing over a million dollars. Despite their size, non-professional drivers are allowed to drive these vehicles without special permits. As a result, insurance is often expensive for these motorhomes because it is easy for non-professional drivers to get into accidents. Plus, as some of the Class A motorhomes are not legally required to have air bags or other safety equipment, these vehicles often have higher insurance premiums than the other two classes.

Class B Motorhomes

This type of motorhome is the smallest class of self-powered recreational vehicles. These vehicles are typically made from passenger and commercial style delivery vans. Unlike Class A motorhomes, these vehicles are required to have air bags and other safety equipment. Overall, Class B motorhomes are smaller, easier to drive, and most often have the same safety features that non-RV passenger and commercial vehicles have. Though non-professional drivers are also the primary users of Class B vehicles, the drivability of these motorhomes makes the premiums for this type of vehicle less expensive than Class A motorhomes.

Class C Motorhomes

As a general rule, Class C motorhomes are smaller than both Class A and B motorhomes. Even so, Class C motorhomes often have large powerful gasoline or diesel engines, which makes them capable of carrying and towing heavy loads. This hauling capacity makes Class C motorhomes popular among RV enthusiasts who frequently carry racing vehicles, motorcycles, and watercrafts inside the vehicles’ holding area. While some sizes of Class C motorhomes require special driver licensing in most states, the insurance for this type of motorhome is usually much cheaper than Class A or B.

Once you’ve purchased your new motorhome, you will need an affordable insurance policy that can help protect your vehicle. If you’re concerned with finding a San Diego motorhome insurance provider that offers comprehensive insurance, contact American Tristar Insurance in San Diego. We are committed to providing high-caliber auto and motorhome insurance to give you peace of mind on your next RV trip. Call us at (619) 325-0326 for a free quote today.