How Does Insurance Work When You’re Moving?

Home Insurance While Moving in San Diego, CA

There are many considerations to make when preparing to move, and the protection insurance coverage can provide for items in transport is one of the most important. Whether you’ve hired a professional moving agency to handle your relocation efforts or intend to haul your belongings on your own, making sure you have adequate insurance is vital for preventing both liability and loss.

Moving Insurance

When hiring a moving agency, you should automatically get a basic level of coverage from your moving provider as part of their services. In most instances, this coverage will only provide 60 cents of protection for every pound of goods the moving agency hauls. It is important to note this protection is only applicable to any items your moving provider has boxed on your behalf. Thus, opting to forgo professional packing services and packing your belongings on your own may not be in your best interests. Moreover, if you plan on putting any valuable items on the moving agency truck, it is generally best to pay a bit extra and upgrade beyond the standard included insurance plan. Most moving insurance policies cover what are known as incidental damages. These include scratches, dents, loss, and broken items. While this insurance won’t cover any boxes you’ve packed on your own, it will cover those that have sustained severe external damage while being transported by your movers. All items not covered by your moving insurance may still be protected by your home insurance policy.

Home Insurance

Though moving insurance may not offer as much coverage as you’d like, the good news is you may get a bit of extra protection from an existing home insurance policy. Contents coverage often applies to items temporarily outside of the home. Before starting your move, contact your San Diego homeowners insurance agency to verify whether or not this protection is in place.

Auto Insurance

If your relocation will take you across state lines, you may need to update your current San Diego auto insurance plan to reflect the minimum requirements of your new location. Your current provider may underwrite in your new location as well. If this is the case, it probably won’t be necessary to bind a new policy. However, across state moves often necessitate adjustments to coverage limits, add-ons, and even removals. Informing your insurer of your plans to move one to two months before your actual moving date can give you ample time to make these changes.

Understanding how insurance works during a move can be difficult, but luckily the insurance experts at American Tri-Star are available to help guide you through the process. For free auto insurance quotes San Diego residents trust or quotes on affordable homeowners, motorcycle, and RV insurance, give us a call at 619-272-2100. One of our friendly representatives would be happy to answer your questions.