Are You Covered While Driving Someone Else’s Car?

Does your Insurance Coverage Cover your Friends in San Diego, CA?

You may be wondering what could happen if you are involved in an accident while driving someone else’s car. The answer to this question depends on the state, the policy, and the conditions of coverage. The insurance experts at American Tri-Star Insurance are here to help you better understand this situation.

Let us start with some assumptions. You have received permission from the owner to drive his or her car, this is an occasional rather than regular event, there is an accident of some sort, and you do not have liability insurance on your own vehicle.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage

Collision and comprehensive insurance policiesfollow the car. Thesepay for damageto the car by accident or vandalism and usually have the vehicle listed in the policy. Covered drivers include only the insured, immediate family members, and others specifically listed on the policy.

Liability Coverage

Liability follows the driver and should cover injuries and property damage. All states (except for New Hampshire and Virginia) require minimum liability coverage for car owners. Coverage when driving someone else’s vehicle may be the same coverage you carry for your own vehicle, including the medical portions and the property damage limits.If you do not have liability on your insurance, the vehicle owner’s insurance may pay for damagesif there is an uninsured motorist clause in his or her policy.

When damage caused by your negligence exceeds your policy limits, any higher limits of the owner’s policy may be used as secondary coverage. Low-cost carriers offering cheap San Diego auto insurance for people with bad driving records set their own conditions such as limiting coverage to people specifically named in the policy and lowering coverage to minimum limits for other drivers.

There is no simple way to determine if you will be covered when driving someone else’s vehicle. All policies should be reviewed to determine if there are any excluded drivers or limitations on coverage for anyone driving the car not specifically named on the policy.

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